Risk Management and Performance

Business leaders navigate a complex environment in which the pace of change is rapidly accelerating, and this places pressure on businesses to focus on risk management. The risk environment is challenging. Many business leaders find themselves juggling a multitude of existing risks whilst having the additional pressure of identifying and reducing the impact of new potential risks to their business. While managing the failure of critical assets is the top pressure, business leaders should not forget the risks associated with non-compliance, environmental, financial, logistical and supplier issues. Nor should leaders neglect the education of the process-owners within your business to ensure risks are top of mind.

A sustainable business is able to quickly adapt and align its strategy, operations, management systems, governance structure, and supply chain to meet the challenges of significantly changing environments from the risks the business faces, and to grow from these disruptive influences. Adopting the right strategy will enable a business to free up head space and focus on creativity, innovation and growth.

We will provide the necessary capacity and support to your business by assisting you in:

  • Building a process that your business will use to rigorously identify, assess, manage and monitor risks that may affect your operations and objectives.
  • Identifying appropriate policies and procedures to prepare and plan for each risk event identified. These policies and procedures will outline how each risk event will be absorbed by your business, how your business will recover from each risk event and how your business will adapt to this risk event.
  • Educating the process-owners within your business to embed the strategic thinking with respect to risks, so that this is top of mind and the process-owners understand how and when they can take advantage of risks.