Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

50% of the current 2020 workforce is composed of Millennials. By 2025 that will increase to 75%. Millennials’ natural ability to come up with disruptive, bold ideas makes them a valuable resource for any business trying to compete in today’s changing business environment.  Millennials are digital natives who naturally consider the future in their thinking. In general, Millennials express little loyalty to their current employers and many are planning next term exits. This loyalty challenge is driven by a variety of factors, however their overriding feeling is frequently one of being under-utilised, under-valued and not being developed as future leaders. The result is that instead of benefitting from the differentiator that Millennials bring to the business’s strategic objectives, business leaders are finding it increasingly difficult to attract and retain Millennials, particularly women.

Businesses across the board have struggled to create inclusive working environments where equality, diversity and inclusion are the DNA of the business. By not creating and fostering a culture of inclusion, a business often finds narratives of mistrust among its diverse employee base. These narratives are reflected in the mistrust we commonly find between colleagues and within teams. This mistrust creates inefficiency, loss of productivity, disengagement, lack of innovation and loss of key talent, which affects a business’s leadership and culture.

We will provide the following solutions in order to assist your business in building an inclusive culture where talent is identified, nurtured and retained, driving a high performance culture as a result of greater employee engagement, and increased business performance:

  • Assisting you to identify challenges and barriers to inclusion; using these insights to identify the issues and design appropriate solutions to address barriers and challenges.
  • Assisting to develop a network of like-minded Millennials from across your business and energising them to work together towards a better future for your business.
  • Creating a platform for authentic engagement between Millennials and the leaders of your business, which will allow Millennials to think critically and develop innovative ideas to solve critical business issues.
  • Providing coaching and mentorship to identified top talent in order to provide the necessary support structures for future leadership roles.
  • Providing coaching and mentorship to talented woman in your business, identifying barriers to advancement and preparing tangible plans with leaders of the business, with the end goal being a seat at the boardroom table.