Kim Peddie (CA) SA

Kim is a Chartered Accountant with experience in both that profession and the education sector. She was a partner in the Audit and Assurance business at Deloitte for eleven years. Kim is guided by her internal values of honesty, ethics and integrity and these are the underlying principles that drive her interaction, behaviour and decisions. Kim has the ability to integrate the human aspect into every process or situation, and thereby to effectively navigate difficult situations to achieve positive outcomes.

She is an inspirational leader with high emotional intelligence and excellent communication and interpersonal skills, an excellent understanding of business issues and the ability to form and build strong relationships with diverse individuals and teams.

Kim has served a significant number of middle-market clients and large multi-national clients listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, across industries as diverse as shipping, logistics, manufacturing, automotive, forestry, ports and terminals, freight and education.

Kim was involved in the evolving plantation valuation process which began in June 2003 for a listed Forestry company. Kim’s collaboration with Forest specialists enabled her to develop a deep technical understanding of plantations and how they are valued, which resulted in approaches from both local and global audit teams, where her expertise and insight with respect to plantations was sought. Kim is able to manage technically complex projects. This was demonstrated when a listed entity that Kim served unbundled a division that was listed on two separate Exchanges, namely the JSE and the NASDAQ. Execution of this process required corporate transaction knowledge, US-accreditation and PCAOB experience, an in-depth understanding of the varying regulatory environments in which the dual listing occurred, together with the ability to coordinate a number of teams across disciplines and countries.

Kim is currently the Chairperson of the Finance Committee for Cordwalles Preparatory School for Boys where her role is the oversight and governance of the School’s finances. This has included the implementation of a risk framework and oversight of the School’s response to the financial impact of Covid19. 

Kim is married to Mark, an attorney and director of Lynn & Main Incorporated. They have two sons. Kim is an avid reader and traveller who loves cooking for family and friends.

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